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China Market Price of Tungsten is keeping increasing
Release time:2011-07-08

According to CTIA News Chinese market price of tungsten is keeping increasing this week due to the impact of raw material APT’s price growth. Tungsten concentrate closing price ended at 79,000-79,500RMB/ton (11,567-11,460USD/ton) on Wednesday, and it increased 1,500-2,000RMB/lb comparing to last week.

The price of ferro-tungsten has also risen because of the same reason. A manufacturer in Jiangxi stated that the Chinese market price of ferro-tungsten has increased from 2,000RMB to 126,000-128,000RMB since last week. Thus, they increased the export quotation of ferro-tungsten at the same time. It has been marked up 0.4-0.5 USD/ton based on the price 31-31.9USD/ton FOB. However, the overseas demand is low and trading is sparse.

Meanwhile, prices of tungsten carbide and tungsten alloy are also rising during this period.

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