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The status of China Cemented Carbide Industry
Release time:2011-07-19

Carbide production: 80 in the early 20th century, the world annual production of 25,000 tons carbide about China Carbide 1000 tons annual output of about 5. The 21st century, the world’s annual output has reached Carbide 38,000 tons, while China has been rapid growth in hard alloy production to 1.5 million tons, more than one-third of world production carbide. Therefore, the production scale and production, China is the world’s first full-fledged producer.

Carbide exports: With China’s reform and opening-depth development of China’s exports carbide marked progress has been made, the annual export volume in 1986 exceeded 100 tons in 1992 exceeded 400 tons in 1996, nearly 1000 tons, 2003 has more than 2.5 thousand tons, in 2005 more than 6000 tons, with total world production of hard alloy, as the same one-third of market liquidity. Foreign exchange earnings over the past year from less than four million U.S. dollars / year to the current 70 million U.S. dollars / years. In particular, some private enterprises such as: China Powder Metallurgy Enterpries Ltd. Made no small accomplishment.

Complete basic varieties: used metal-cutting involved, mining, pull allocated mold, wear-resistant parts and other fields, including its deep-processed products, with the exception of some high-performance coating blade precision grinding and related tools, high-performance and ultra-fine alloy bar a small number of very different products to be imported from abroad, the vast majority of products are able to produce in China.

Equipment and process technology continues to improve: In recent years, China cemented carbide production for rapid development of equipment manufacturing, production technical level of equipment has been upgraded to business equipment replacement carbide to create a good condition. Some relatively strong on the basis of business through its own scientific research, as well as the introduction of the necessary technology, production equipment and the overall level of technology has been greatly improved. Automated milling equipment, efficient ball-milling, spray drying granulation, high-precision automatic presses, vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace body, pressure sintering furnace, grinding a series of advanced coating equipment and process technology has been in varying degrees by different manufacturers applications.

Carbide waste recycling achievements: tungsten scrap in China has been the use of corporate importance are only cemented waste by electrolysis, dissolved zinc recovery process technology, such as tungsten carbide, cobalt oxalate, mixed materials, and then processing the use of production low-grade production of cemented carbide have been more than 3000 tons / year, accounting for carbide production in China more than 20%. In addition to these alloys to meet the needs of the Chinese part of the industry, but also to foreign countries to provide cost-effective and rational part of cemented carbide products, tungsten valuable resources has been a more reasonable use.

In the recent years,many tungsten carbide manufacrturers have buildup.Such as Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works Import & Export Company,China Powder Metallurgy Enterprise Ltd,Xiamen Tungsten CO. Ltd.

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