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Carbide V-cut cutter/ V cut blades are used for the PCB industry, cutting the PCB board. We produce tungsten carbide V-cut cutter, the very highest quality carbide cutters available ensuring precision scoring and at low cost. Carbide V-cut cutter are specially made for PCB V-grooving, V- slotting,V-scoring, V cut.

* Carbide V-score blades of hardness 69~81HRC
* Manufactured and sharpened with matching diameters for ease of installation and setup
* Good sharp edge
* Reduce the number of tool change increase the production
* TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, according to customers requirment.


The regular size as below:

Φ51XΦ17X2.0-32T-20°  (25° 30° 35° 40°)

Φ51XΦ17X2.0-40T-20°  (25° 30° 35° 40°)

Φ51XΦ17X2.0-48T-20°  (25° 30° 35° 40°)

If you need the other size,welcome to contact us


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